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I have always thought that somewhere between downloadable DIY legal forms and an expensive attorney, there should be an alternative. Now there is

Downloable forms are cheap and for somet hings like a simple agreement they are fine. The problem with using them for estate plan is that you won't be around to fix something that broke and you must have a working kwoledge of probate and the difference between probatabe and non probatable assets. For example, many people believe that their will will control what happens to joint property - maybe, but maybe not. If the title says "with righs of survivorshiop" the will will have no control over that property at all. On the other hand custom wills created by attorney can run from $800 to $10,000 or more. Also the will make must understand the precise duties and relationship of the executor, the trustee and the guardian (if children are involved). Think twice befre trying to save money on parachutes!

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