Sample Engagement 1

A client and his wife both had children from a previous marriage.  In addition to creating an estate plan, the client was operating a business with a partner without any type of corporate entity.  The firm was engaged to create a Texas LLC with two members and three managers ( adding a spouse as a […]

Taxes In an IRA

Did you know an IRA may have to pay taxes and file its own tax return?  Did you know an IRA can borrow money? Yes even a Roth may find itself as a tax payer.  Per IRS rules, any gains or income that is attributable to leverage must pay tax on that which was derived […]

Your Bank Account is Frozen – How to De-link Your Future by David Disraeli

If you read that headline would you really be surprised? Imagine waking up one day, logging into your bank account only to find that the site is inaccessible. You call the bank and the lines are busy. You go to the ATM and there is a line of cars. The bank lobby is full of […]

David Disraeli in the News

06-20-2016 12:02 PM CET – Politics, Law & Society Print PDF David Disraeli, President of The Personal CFO in Austin TX Announces a New Partnership with Legal Shield Press release from: The Personal CFO, Inc. The vast majority of consumers do not have access to the legal system. Many times it is cost prohibitive to […]

Client Testimonials

Reviews June 15, 2016 I met David Disraeli through a mutual friend. I was referred because David is an expert in estate planning and I am not. He also handles alternative investments which help offset the risk of owning stocks. I could not be more pleased with the relationship and I would highly recommend him […]

How to Stop Foreclosure

David Disraeli says Foreclosure in Texas Need Not be Automatic Most people facing foreclosure in Texas are unaware that they have other options besides letting the house go back to the bank or declare bankruptcy. Many homeowners are unaware that very often lenders who foreclose on homes do so without the proper paperwork, and therefore […]

Technical Analysis

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(OPENPRESS) November 9, 2010 — The “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Financial Security” will cause every…